Monday 5 January 2015

Interview with members of Exgenesis

Jari L.and Alejandro L. answered several questions to the VK Enshine community regarding their new-born, doom-death, international studio-project entitled Exgenesis and their upcoming release through Rain Without Records. Jari also shared with us his musical experience in mixing the second Enshine album.

1. To Jari: Have you ever considered releasing the Exgenesis album within your Enshine project? Or do these projects distinct from each other too much?

Jari: They differ quite a bit, for example, Exgenesis has (almost) no keyboards at all. The idea here was to try to build a similar atmosphere with guitars instead. It also has a generally lower tuning, incorporates parts that would be "too slow" for Enshine and overall has a rawer more death metal type of sound.

2. Columbia lies too far from Sweden, how did you meet Alejandro Lotero? Why did you chose him instead of Sebastian?

Jari:We have known each other via the internet for several years, and often discussed music in which we share a similar taste, naturally we ended up discussing ideas for collaborations. Quite simply, different ideas for different types of music come up when discussing with different musicians. Every project is the sum of it's parts.

3. Who is responsible for the songwriting process? Both of you? (From Mytai Kudravzev)
Jari: I have written the music for 4 out of 5 songs, and Alejandro has written one song which I have adapted somewhat to fit with the rest. Alejandro has written all the lyrics and arranged the vocal parts for all songs.

3. To Alejandro: Is it the first project you participate in? If no - tell us more about your musical experience. (From Mytai Kudravzev)

Alejandro: Thanks Mytai,
Exgenesis is my first vocal project. I had one more in the past as a full guitar player, and a local project right now in Colombia, called Antithesis.
This is my inactive project I was there 2005-2011:
And this is my actual local project which I am on lead guitar and growls:
I met Jari via internet, we became friends and then each other had sketches of unfinished and unreleased songs, some new ideas too and we found a very cool conceptual process of creation and sharing ideas. The EP will be 5 tracks, I wrote all the lyrics and one song out of five. Jari made all the music for the another 4 tracks and arranged the one I wrote. It was a very delighting and learning experience. He is a great musician and an awesome person.

4. To Jari: When will Enshine's new album be released?

Jari: The actual release date will be decided once the complete master and artworks are delivered, so it is hard to say exactly yet, but it is currently in the final mixing stage. I expect it will still take a few weeks for me to complete since the arrangements are quite dense and complex, as is usually the case. But at least I can see the light in the end of the tunnel at this point.

5. To Jari: Who came up with the idea, was it you or Alejandro? 

Jari: A little bit of both, actually. We had both independently written some material which we exchanged and decided that it could be made part of the same project.
6. To Jari: How do you usually transform your ideas into music? Do you start with simple riffing? 

Jari: The songs can start taking form from any part really, sometimes it begins with a riff, sometimes with a melody, sometimes with a drum pattern, whatever comes to mind first as an inspiring idea to catch.

7. To Jari: And lastly, regarding will the track 100518PreProd from soundcloud be on the next Enshine record? 

Jari: The 100518 track is not part of the new album. It seems to have been one of those spontaneous tracks that caught the mood of a certain day and I was never able to find back the vibe or inspiration for it, so any attempts to re-record or modify that song after it´s initial recording have sounded dull and uninspired in comparison. Maybe some day I will find joy in working with this song again, but until then, it wouldn't turn out any better than the way you have already heard it. 

Check out all three songs that are available via soundcloud and make sure you pre-order the upcoming EP "Aphetic Veil" because the release is strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide.  

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